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Tired Of Being Single? Click Me!:) (85653, Marana, AZ, Pima County)
We're single,we're cool with it, but that doesn't mean we want to stay that way indefinetly. We're nice, good people, we don't sleep around, and while we would like to meet ''that'' person, we will be patient and wait as long as it takes. For whatever reason, we haven't had luck with dating, be it our jobs taking up a lot of time, meeting the wrong people, etc. All that really matters is that we find each other. We've been in long relationships before, and by this point have been single long enough to be truly ready for another one We are seeking that person that we know is there, someone we can call or text during the day and whose phone call ort ext even just to say hi will make us smile. That someone to make plans for the weekend with. Someone to take the train home with from work, pick up dinner on the way home, and spend the night watching TV and cuddling and laughing. Someone to wake up with on a Saturday morning, lounge in bed as we decide what to do for the day on a hot summer Saturday. Someone who makes us forget there are other men and women out there and just focus on that one person. Now, on list, finding that person is rather elusive. Having way too many bad experiences on here--not even meeting people in person, but the responses I've gotten to previous posts--make me wonder if such a guy exists out there. My experiences on here have definetly weakened my faith in men and that there are good guys out there. I have encountered massive dishonesty, shadiness, insanity, stalker-like behavior, and downright verbal abusiveness. So I am posting this ad totally not expecting anything but rather just throwing it out there like a boomerang and see what comes back. To be honest I am a bit skittish at this point about meeting anybody--I feel if I met most of the guys that have contacted me in the past I'd be dead by now-but again, there's a small ray of light in me that thinks someone normal, good and not the type of guy who would normally look at a site like this is going to read this and respond. On to what I am looking for. I am looking for a man in the age range of 30-40, a SWM, tall and athletic. Class and a down to earth personality are probably the two most important elements. Intelligence is too, however, I don't need someone with an MBA or a handful of degrees. Most of my best guy friends are CUNY educated just like me. I also put a high premium on integrity, honesty, and an upfront, no BS personality. Also, no smokers or durg users, and no heavy drinkers. I live a very healthy lifestyle which includes working out 6-7 days a week, eat very healthyetc. I'm looking for someone who enjoys going out but also does not mind staying in and making dinner together and watching a movie. I don't like loud places or trendy scenes, I'd rather walk around the Villiage and look for a cool little out of the way place. I'm not going to say much about myself so we'll have things to discuss in the event we communicate, but I am a SWJF in my thirties, considered attractive by some, but considered to be an amazing, fun, personable, smart chick who most people wonder why I'm single :) I just looked at the clock and realied I've spent too much time on this ad and have to go! Hopefully it was not a waste of time! Reply with a photo and a little about yourself.

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Date for a party Fri night.. (Marana, Arizona )
Hello Men of CL- I have a few extra tickets to a party tomorrow night. Any hot takers who want to join me? Be under 28-45, educated please, lets chat. I can certainly go it alone as well. Just seeing who might interest me. Be charming, fun, and easy on the eyes. Oh, and be spontaneous. We don't have to get married, we can just have fun at the party. If we hit it off, great, if not, not to worry, I am sure the company will be more than great. Oh and lastly, I don't need to offer free tickets to a charity event to get a date, if that's what your thinking, dead wrong on that one. Cheers!

big ball of fun seeks same for drinks in e vill tonite 39yr (85653, Marana, Arizona)
You know what's important in life? Laughing. I like to do it. A lot. It looks less insane when you have someone to do it with. I have a keen sense of the ridiculous. I'm not too girly, but I'm really into romance. What I have laughed about recently: Steven Wright, Lewis Black, Iron Man 2, people who are angry about facebook privacy , Hercules, Night of the Triffids trailer, LOLcats, a sign in Brooklyn for a tabernacle choir that had the subhead, ''Excellence is not an option.'' The man with van scene in Jack Womack's ''Random Acts of Senseless Violence,'' myself. Goal: A good laugh in E. Vill. tonight. Romance? More? Looks: 5'3, 160#, curvy, wavy blond hair, blue eyes, glasses, tattoos. Mind: Golden rule, rebellious, responsible, creative, dignity. Other: divorced, kid on weekends till summer, cats. Hope to hear from you.

The Internet, among it's amazing ability to make us laugh at panda bears juggling, can also serve a purpose for anyone trying to be secretive. This includes 'married seeking affair' types.>>

What about you... 57yr (85653, AZ, Pima County)
I'm starting to really miss the company of a good man. I like the outdoors, fairs, trips up the coast, reading, movies, walking, good food, and chocolate. Would be great to find a guy who is unattached and ready for a good woman, a guy who thinks for himself but doesn't push his views on others, a guy with a sense of the spiritual and would love it if he made me laugh. Someone who loves to cuddle and spoon and who would appreciate a woman who's still got her looks and figure and is smart and fun......Please no married guys or guys under 50, really! If you tell me about yourself and send a pic, I'll do the same back. If you just write one line or don't send a pic, sorry I won't be able to reply. xo

i smoke. generally seeking an affair sardonic with a side of pessimism 30yr (Marana, Arizona )
what more could you desire from a female counterpart? I am in perpetual mourning, I smoke a lot, I am addicted to caffeine in various forms I care more about books and animals and homeless people than I do about most people I spend my time doing things most people consider boring I am considered ''strange'' but, lovable i listen to a lot of music play music write music eat vegetables eat meat

Plus size BF seeks Margarita and Iron Man 2 25yr (85653, Marana, AZ)
I want to see iron man 2 tonight and enjoy a good margarita...any single, intelligent, 24-35 year old males interested in going? I don't care what race you are as long as you don't care that I'm black and not skinny. FYI...I'm not looking for anything else besides company during the movie.

Are you the one 37yr (Marana, 85653 , Pima County)
So to start off I wish I didnt have to post this ad. I always thought i would meet you in a common place like the music store or the zoo but I am gloomy of looking and attempting to play my deck lol. so anyhow I want to find an individual who doesn't look thru here a lot. Really just an individual who is hoping to meet some one really fun and just decided to look here.... So I am witty, super cool and very spontaneous. I am five foot ten inches, a size 20 and carry it well dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. I am the most loyal friend you'll ever have. I am a awesome listener, independant, with a tiny bit of funny sarcasm. I am a huge music lover and live for 60's music and R & B from today. I also love catching movies or plays anything from cartoons to chick flicks. Don't stop reading now lol..I've got lots of girlfriends to go with me to the girly movies lol. What more could you wanna know? I am regularly the person who is attempting to ensure that everyone around me is enjoying themselves. I really love making other people laugh. I've been working a ton on myself this last couple years and now I am much happier. So what am i looking for? So I thought up a laundry list ... only playing lol! So for real I hope to meet a a gentleman, thats not on parole, dependable, independant, and no money problems has to be would be great. Also he must be understanding of my happier way of living and expect me to continue and to do fun stuff. If you like basketball or racing that would be a big time plus too. almost seeking an affair I just recently moved back to West Salem after a few years of living in Oklahoma i would love it for you to show me whats new and exciting since ive been gone!

Most of the guys seek an affair to avoid the drama of their daily life, so why would they maintain a relationship if the affair adds to it?>>

BBW - w4m 40yr (Marana, 85653, AZ )
I am guessing there was something in the title that caught your attention! Now I must keep your attention by telling you a little about myself and what I am looking for so here it goes........ By the way, I had a man tell me I should not admit that I am 40 because I look so much younger.......but I don't play games like that!! I am proud to be who I am! Okay back to finding out a little about me..... I work hard and go to school while raising my kids on my own, so I am looking for someone to enjoy my free time that can be a friend and a lover. I am not interested in one night stands or a friends with benefits seeking an affair I am looking to date and see where things may lead......kinda old fashioned I guess for CL but you never know. The things I enjoy doing in a relationship are hanging out at home, having a passionate sex life, going to the movies, having an occasional dinner out, just being able to laugh and have fun with you, hit up a comedy club, museums, theatre, going to the beach or mountains, camping, maybe go to a Dodger game, BBQ with friends at the pool and the nice thing is I am open to trying new things as well. I don't drink much at all and am not a smoker or party girl. I have been described as a nice girl that you can take home to mom with a secret kinky side. I am guessing you might like to hear more about this side of me so feel free to ask anything, but you have been warned that I am not looking for a one night hook up. My friends and family will always describe me as strong, determined, hard working, respectful, loyal, caring, warm and funny. I have grown into having a sarcastic sense of humor so please don't be offended by that. Physically I am 5'6'', BBW, blonde hair, green eyes and considered attractive but that is always a matter of opinion right? >>>>>>> Now when you respond and I hope you do, I really need you to tell me about yourself and if you would like to see my picture please include yours! Some of the things I would like to know about you are 1) Age? 2) Ever married? 3) Kids? 4) Career? 5) Favorite vacation memory? 6) Where did you grow up? 7) What are you looking for? 8) If granted once chance for a do over what would you do over and why?