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Blind dating 36yr (Arizona, AZ)
Giving this one last try. I am a 36 year old single woman. I was married for 10 years but for many reasons things did not work out. I do not have any kids unless you count my guide dog lol. If I have your atention, I am blind and very independant. I am looking for a man that will describe how beautiful the day is. Someone who will take the time to show me things. I am looking for someone who is independant, sweet, willing to take charge to a point,and has a great personality. I want someone who is going to make me laugh. I am not looking for someone who is going to act funny around me because I can't see. If you have a question then ask. I prefer men between 34 and 50 but I am not aposed to other ages. Please be in your 30's at the youngest lol. I am not a thin woman but rather on the thick side. I am losing weight and I wouldn't be aposed to someone who wants to work out with me. Since I know that it will come up...I have a speech program on my computer that converts the text on the screen into speech for me. It makes it possible to use the internet and other programs lol. Your pic get's mine.

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traveler seeks companion 43yr (Arizona, AZ)
My life consists of travel, travel and more travel. Looking for a man who is independent enough to be able to spend time alone at home and also accompanies me on my trips sometimes. You can't be jealous and must be trusting, trustworthy and honest. I also love a tall man. I am 5'5 and want my man to be between 5'10 and 6'2. I want a passionate person and would like a handy person, who can fix things around the house. A cook would also be great, since I am no Martha. I am adventurous, athletic, have various interests and am honest and extremely loyal. I am not looking for a fling, but an equal relationship between a man and a woman.......if you want to find out more about me, feel free to contact me with a photo.

Athletic and Sweet :) 31yr (Arizona, AZ)
I am a 31 year old woman looking for someone to hang out with and see where it takes us. I am not sure if CL really works, but thought I would try it. If you are interested in a good looking woman that loves sports, dinners, live music cooking and traveling then send me an email with your picture. I am REAL and not a ROBOT. Please be serious and send a pic. Also, I am not looking for a one night thing, but would like to meet someone interesting and fun!

It is important that you approach the married woman seeking an affair in the right way. She is looking for a casual, discreet encounter with someone who wants the same. >>

New from South Florida 100yr (Arizona, AZ)
Just arrived from South Florida and looking for: a) a nice latino who loves to dance salsa, merengue, bachata ; b) an African-American or Caribbean man who loves smooth jazz; island music; or c) an sane man with varied interests who would like to share my exploration of Chicago and the outdoors . I am intelligent, well-travelled with a zillion interests. Not quite the ordinary 50 something woman. What do we share in common?

Experential female seeks man that loves to live, not just exhist. 47yr (Arizona, AZ)
47 y/o, 5' 10'', height-weight proportionate, brunette Realtor living in Hallandale seeks a man who is interested in a monogamous and committed relationship. In the last few months I have changed my lifestyle to reflect a more proactive stance on my overall health and wellness by eliminating alcohol and animal products from my diet, and increasing my physical activity. A man who is on board with this mind set would be terrific. I am an experiential woman that loves to read, write, see live music, travel, cook, walk, and be outside doing just about anything. I love the beach. I am open to trying new things, and desire connecting with a partner that will bring some new experiences to my life that I donít already enjoy. I would love to try stand up paddling...have you done it yet? Iíd like to meet a non-smoking man between the ages of 45-55 that doesnít have children under the age of 18, works at a job he enjoys, and communicates well. Being health conscious and a non-drinker is a plus. Please, write and tell me a little seeking an affair about yourself. Why do you think we might hit it off?

Guys... Can You Top This? 49yr (Arizona, AZ)
First, I'm a guy, I'm straight and this is just to let some of you know the horrors out there that await you if you meet some women! I could warn you, but hey... women are different with each guy, so my experience and your mileage may vary. I met a chick, mid 40s at her place outside as she asked, and we had only phone chatted pleasantly a few times and done the e-mail thing. She says how hungry she is, and here is where I slipped so be aware... WE pick the dining spot, and NOT the woman! If we are paying, be careful! Not only was the restaurant poor food, but it was above average in cost. At mid afternoon with her drink which she orders and adds extras like 2 appetizers and a LARGE dinner with high end seafood, my dinner with hers topped ! OK, it's not the end of the world, but this was LUNCH! This gal was a pig, and coughed at me while eating not covering her mouth, and then complained the drink was without much alcohol. So, when the waiter comes over to the table, she starts telling him something sticky is on the table. He cleans it off, and he says something about sticky... which she retorts, 'not the good kind of sticky, which comes later' or words to that effect! I was stunned, but she was revealing how much of a pig she was! She ate like one and broke the seafood shells with her bare hands, and got juice spurting onto me across from her. It was a bad scene, and I felt like leaving! I mean, beware... even her photo, which looked better than she did, reveals nothing! I broke my old philosophy, which I stand by now, of NOT MEETING ANY WOMAN FOR FOOD THE FIRST TIME! By the way, the woman owes you at least a simple 'thank you' for the meal, but she never said anything at all! I mean... NOT EVEN A THANK-YOU! She felt she was entitled to order as she wished, so guys... maintain control on that menu if it's a first meet. If it's your regular g/f, you're on your own! She likely does what she wants, and might be paying half the time anyway! After the meal, she mentions about picking up DVDs we could watch at her place, still afternoon, but the friend who has them is miles across town. So, I conceded to go there, and we picked them up. However, she fails to tell me she is moving, and also has a guy coming over to buy furniture! Well, talk about timing! She had OKed the time and day, and now just brushes me off after her expensive meal. OK, all that is unfortunate, but here is where it gets really weird. I received several phone calls the next morning from numbers I don't recognize, and a couple of odd e-mails. Well, I deleted the e-mails from guys I have no idea about, but the calls were looking for... her! I mean, what gives? I was busy and working out of town, and had limited access to e-mail and the web. However, she tried to call me several times, but I couldn't call her back. Turns out that a friend tells me many smart phones like hers are being hacked, and the contents are taken or copied! Phone numbers can even be changed and they can mess with all your data! I did not know any of this, but he also told me that if a hacker is locked into her phone, and she lived in an apartment so anyone there would have good access, he could also hack mine if I called and he grabbed my side as well. She had mentioned she misplaces her cell a bit, and has lost it. So, someone could have also messed with it when it was lost, but rather than buy any of this, she gets really pissed and tells me I MESSED WITH HER and placed an ad or something on CL and got people to call her! How absurd! I don't have time for such play, and even though she never even thanked me for dinner the day before, I just simply felt sorry for this bitch! What a pathetic gal! She sent me a dozen or so e-mails that I hacked her phone and I was responsible and all! I was shocked, but after being angry a bit, I just felt sorry for her. I would love to warn other guys about this bitch right here in Orlando, but it's all fair game out there, so exercise caution with new meetings. I generally do only coffee-tea chats, but I made an exception for some stupid reason. So, I am still tired just thinking about all this. Worst encounter I ever had with a woman! So, can any of you top this? I hope not, but I am betting many of you can! I'd love to hear as it might make me feel better... maybe!

Looking for my partner in crime 35yr (Arizona, AZ)
Hey guys, How's your Wednesday going so far? I'm having a quiet day at work so I thought why not post an ad on CL. So here's what I'm looking for. I'd like to meet a fun, outgoing guy who can laugh at himself. I want to meet someone that knows what he wants, can make a decision . Also, seeking an affair be single :) Anyway, a little bit about me. I'm 5'4'' I have brown curly hair, brown eyes, nice smile . I can laugh at myself and love to make others laugh. I don't have many hang ups and really don't care about most things . I am loyal, honest, can make a decision, will always be up front and do not play the passive aggressive bullshit game that so many others do. NOPE not me. :o) I enjoy doing what most people do . I've never been married . I don't have kids but if you do that is cool. I have a great job and do not need someone to ''take care of me''. I want a 50/50 relationship . Okay if you are still reading and you are interested in learning more about me reply back and let's get chatting. I do have a picture but do not like to put it out for the world to see. Enjoy the day!

Yet, there are more married women seeking affair than men, since men are more career oriented and have less time for family, as opposed to the wives, who have all the time in the world. >>

No kids, no hangups 22yr (Arizona, AZ)
I am single, never married. Would prefer same of you. At the very least, as little baggage as possible. seeking an affair Be interesting. Nothing worse than running out of conversation after talking about work and the weather. Good hygiene is a must. Looks don't matter near as much if it's obvious you take pride in your appearance. Know how to laugh. It's much easier to connect with somebody when you can laugh together. Life can be pretty damn absurd. Write me, your pic gets mine.