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A rare and different tune……… 49yr (Coolidge, Arizona )
I guess we all think we’re unique. I sure do. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to find the person that seems right for me. I admit I’m one of those “different drummer” types. I feel I’m not like most people….I seek a deeper, more authentic understanding of life and love than most people are willing to work for. Faced with mysteries dark and vast, I wish for a partner in navigating this earthly experience. For me, it’s all about deep connection, strong attraction - that feeling of finally coming home. Which of you to gain me, tell, will risk uncertain pains of hell? I will not forgive you if you will not take the chance. I am ready, willing and able to invest in a future with someone. But it must be the right someone. I could not be with someone that I didn’t think was a good person, an inspiration to move me brightly, to be my best. Smart, funny, kind, creative, responsible and respectful, but possessing a bit of a wild side too. With integrity and honesty as my compass, I choose to move through my life with calm, quiet grace. If you are deep and discerning, and what you seek is an uncommon beauty, you will most likely find me attractive. Eyes alight, with glowing hair, all that fancy paints a fair – I’m not your typical Scottsdale Barbie, could never be that way. My hope is that the right person will read this post and recognize what I’m saying. And I know we’ll get there soon~

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woman seeking LTR 41yr (85228, Coolidge, Arizona)
If your looking for a freind then more. A black woman that is seeking a man who is 36 to 46. Race does not matter.

A different kind of LTR 22yr (85228, Coolidge, AZ, Pinal County)
Okay. So what I actually want is a no-strings attached, long-term relationship. I love being in love. I'm not much for playing the field but on the other hand, the concept of 'til death do us part' makes me nervous. I am most definitely not interested in procreation. I'm a slender woman in her 20's with a great sense of humor and a busy mind. d/d free and need the same of you. Interested, send pic or no response.

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Fun, good looking lady, seeking same in man 51yr (Coolidge, Arizona )
Hi: I've posted several times and gotten too many replies; but unfortunately don't have time to sit on line all day. Fun loving proud mom of a just graduated college lady - eh gods, where did my baby go? Seems like only yesterday. I enjoy being at home more these days than going out - however, my wild side does kick up and I love some good old fashion rock and roll ''the kind of music that soothes your soul''....... some little local casino's have occasional good music on Fri/Sat. But I also love to do a Rachael Rae and cook up a storm in the kitchen. Am told i'm quite good. I hope to finish/write a cook book some day. BAD sense of humor so if you have none, forget it. A nice white wine and some music can get me going in the kitchen. However, I eat pretty healthy, but sometimes can OD on a nice bottle of wine and just want to snuggle on the couch and order a pizza. Like to read too and listen occasionally in mid morning to talk radio, reading books, cooking, nature maybe the bird preserve in Henderson with a beer or two. Love wine - growing up near Napa - what would you expect...... Laid back - unless you push all the wrong buttons. Prior exect. assist in ''the Valley'' so have a professional side but refuse to dress up any more unless it's for a nice birthday dinner out or something like that. Own 3 stray cats - since they were wee ones; now I'm afraid 2 out of 3 are probably at the end of their life span. About 14 and 15 respectively. Then one ''thug'' who is only 9 but everyone loves him. He's a pistol. Loving caring and amazingly tolerant of anything that can happen to him. Like a bath or???? Where I go they go, so if you're afraid of cats or don't like them, things wouldn't work. They are indoor only and right now pretty much my ONLY companions. My only friend down here rather dumped me if he couldn't only get, well lets just say he was a bit obsessive compulive, and I just think there is more to life. It's a little painful still as I don't know many people here - so scarey a bit too. The problem is he doesn't want to lose a nice lady, but I'm rather sick of being left alone. But having raised a daughter thru college alone I guess I can deal with the cats as company; at least they don't ask for money - problem is, they don't talk much and I love good intelligent conversation - sense of humor a must. Gosh, did I fit it all in? Drop a photo and say hi, but remember I don't live and die on this machine all the time, so be patient if you will. Your photo would be great too. Yes, I'm vain too - blonde, green eyed lady...... Hope to hear from you. Seems as if C/L is turning off the dating page in July so I thought I'd give it one last try. Cheers

need 1 or more now! seeking an affair 26yr (Coolidge, 85228 , Pinal County)
26 f libertyville.. just looking to swallow one or more now... am not single and really more into anonymous gloryhole like.. younger and cute please!.. send me age/location and pics.. i'll reply quick! :-D

An early evening refreshment 30yr (85228, Coolidge, AZ)
Hi! Lets talk the evening away at a beer garden over an icey cold one. I would love to find an awesome guy who would like to meet up tonight around 6ish or 7ish. It will be fun, and hopefully it will be a spontaneous and surprising evening for both of us. Please send a photo so I know who I'll be looking for, not because looks are everything to me. For your info, I'm 5'8'', fairly cute...or really cute but too modest to say so. Till then....

*Happy~Go~Lucky* 27yr (85228, AZ, Pinal County)
I'm just a happy go lucky kinda girl who sees the brighter side of things. I'm down to earth, smart, loving and playful. I'm a jeans n t-shirt kinda gal who can dress up for the occasion but seeking an affair doesn't mind gettin' dirty with the guys either. I like to watch movies - cuddled up on the couch, have a nice conversation over dinner, hanging out with people who make me laugh, going out 4x4'ing, I enjoy camping and the great outdoors , pretty much down for anything fun and exciting. I'm know for being spontaneous and doing something crazy..just cause I can! I work full time and have a wonderful hard and play harder. I have my own place, who I share with my 4-legged roomie . Enough about me....what I'm looking for - I'm seeking someone who is mature and knows where they are going in life, someone who has goals and ambition. Looking for someone who knows how to make a girl laugh and really knows how to treat a lady right. Dont be shy..say hello! I wont bite..hard anyways ;)

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So, Guys. . . 46yr (Coolidge, 85228, AZ )
What's with all the motorcyles? And mustaches? Could it be the venue? Something about being 40+? Or is it a Colorado thing? Oh, and for the record, yes I know you like camping, fishing, sports, cars, and the outdoors. Just like it's a safe bet I enjoy lunch with my girlfriends, bubble baths, long conversations over a bottle of wine, shopping and seeking an affair day at the spa. You're a guy, I'm a girl. I suggest that perhaps your posts could state less of the obvious and what your buddies like about you, and more of what makes you unique and/or appealing to women. I'm just saying.