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REAL girl seeks REAL boy for REALationship & ......................... 34yr (Apache Junction, 85220 , Pinal County)
baby? IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN RAISING BABIES, NOT JUST MAKING THEM, WRITE 2 ME i like your lips like i like my coca cola yeaaaahhh............ so i love the funnies or comics & have a fantastic sense of humor. i am seeking someone who also appreciates laughing their tukas off LMAO - i am height & weight proportionate & attracted to caucasian cuties between 21-44. i am hoping & praying to meet someone interested in a LTR my brother always teases me to put up a new ad or try a different stratagy, so of course this Pearls Before Swine strip caught my attention & also the Fusco Brothers. real pic 4 pic so you can't read it now that i posted the pic, it says he's going to try a new marketing approach any cafeteria catholics or jack mormons 4 a long term REALationship &........... great adventures together. i'm a single mama, was married, now divorced & prefer the stability & security of having a husband rather than a boyfriend. i'm not a sx fiend, but love waking up every morning to the man i adore & enjoy daily activity. i absolutely do not smoke, drink or hang around anyone in the drug culture scene. i enjoy dancing, i do not eat 4 legged critters but am not a freak if you have a burger. i don't cook much, but get giddy for a gentleman who can take me out to a Tratoria or Ristorante or cook Italian food for me. i'm 5'4'' and approx. 150 lbs. hazel eyes & brown curly hair. mostly Irish, but always working on my tan & relaxed most when near the ocean. i've met some fantastic guys here on cl, some i've adopted as big brothers or an uncle for 'fatherly advice' or insight into the male mind as strictly platonic friends, but the last guy i fell in love with proposed & now has decided he's not available & if my clock is ticking, i need to find someone new. shoot me an eml, tell me a few things about yourself. if U do not speak English well, move on ...... i am hoping to meet and find a romantic and culturally similar man who wants to have kidlets........................thank you for reading & use wisdom in responding like the phrase ''if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all'' 1)age, actual, physical & emotional 2)have u ever been married or engaged 3)do you have any children, want 'em, how many 4)do you prefer exercising in a gym or outdoors 5)what's your idea of the perfect honeymoon trip 6)if it's sunny outside, do you seek or avoid it 7)what religion did you grow up in or are in now TODAY IS MY X HUBBY'S BDAY & even tho i'm glad i'm not married to him .......... now, i'm glad i did, i got my sweet bambino from that relationship. i would love to find a new sweetheart who is interested in getting hitched & having a few kidlets. i will cut and paste several of my ads over the past year & many parts maybe repeated or boring, but maybe i'm just the lady you seek? my 40th birthday is coming up in a few weeks & it'd be nice to have a beau to share it with? whaddya doing 4 Spring Break?? REAL girl seeks REAL boy for a REALationship........... me - non smoking, rarely drinking seeking LTR w/a fit, healthy, positive, happy, cheerful & age appropriate gentleman you - not much ink, no piercings, either no facial hair or simple goatee, fair to medium skin, dark hair & blue or green eyes bonus points if you have a motorcycle, are willing to pursue a lady & attend some kind of christian / catholic church ~smiles!~ guys who reply please tell me your age, what your hopes for Valentines weekend are & any pix w/your face, especially EYES! pix are from last week on Ash Wednesday & another day when i was being a bit sassy, playful & attempting to be mysterious? ~smiles everyone smiles~ welcome to fantasy island! ~ don't you miss................... those classic shows from the 80's? well, it's late friday nite but this single mama is2pooped2party i turned on the boob tube hoping to find one of my favorite ABC shows Ugly Betty and instead it's ''blades of glory'' with2nut jobs Will Farrel & Jon Header, anyway, i am wondering if the sun will come out2moro? & if there's any SINGLE cute NON SMOKING guys between the ages of 27-44 interested in dating & a long term relationship leading to matrimony & kids? please understand i will send face pix after u do, since this is a small & close knit community, i don't want men who know me to start saying ''i saw you on cl this wknd'' Has anyone left their HEART in the San Francisco EAST Bay? i would like to find a handsome young 30 something ish date for Valentines weekend. potential plans may include a road trip to southern california? you must be a NON smoker to possibly apply for this opportunity & i am also willing to receive any 'relationship resumes' submitted for the position of boyfriend/new LTR/partner in crime/sweetheart/companion/husband i am not picky or discriminating, i simply have discovered after dating for several years, i am MOST attracted to fair to medium skin tones w/dark wavy hair & blue or green eyes w/a very manly voice who speaks English well & possibly even an accent that is Irish or Brittish. i've been told i resemble Audrey Hepburn, Renee Russo & Jessica Biel so if u send me an email w/ur age & pix i'll send mine! feel free to reply to say ''Happy Hunting in the Month of Love'' even if u don't wanna date me cuz i'm in the East Bay - but there's gotta be some cute single, unattached but emotionally available guys?

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julia roberts seeking richard gere (Apache Junction, 85220, AZ )
seen the movie? then you get the idea...working girl, tired of the life, wants to be saved

intelligent, kindhearted, fun & fat 62yr (85220, Apache Junction, Arizona)
if you don't mind a roly-poly body neither do I. What I offer is an intelligent woman who is interested in lots of fun things. I am playful both in and out of bed . My ultimate goal is a long term relationship based upon activities as simple as watching a movie at home or as posh as going to a first rate play or concert. What I like is a well groomed, loving, caring, sexy man who has a considerate nature. As far as what types of music I like or other common interests, I don't think that criteria determines compatibility as much as two open minded people who respect and relish the differences in one another does.

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Say what mean and mean what you say 36yr (85220, Apache Junction, AZ, Pinal County)
Hi there! So I've been posting on here for a few months and it's been crazy and very difficult. Seems when I finally narrow down the emails and delete the pics of anatomy, old enough to be me my father, young enough to be my son and the plain scary, I think I have a pretty good handle on my potential date. No easy task. Then date night is upon me and it's either a no show, make me pay, don't shower, show in sweat pants, staring at the 20 year old cute waitresses all through dinner, live with the parents, show up drunk or a mutual great date and he falls off the face of the earth. These have all happened and if you recognize yourself and our date, hopefully will give you a tip for your next date. So with that said, I'm still working at it. I don't ask a lot. I'm a busy woman with work, school and being a mom. I love to go out on the weekends. Learning to play golf and new things. All the normal, fun things. Friends, dancing, grilling, concerts and of course intimacy. No FWB, I don't share well :) My feelings are not easily hurt so if it's not there, it's not there. I smoke and working on quitting. I drink, no drugs. I don't mind 420 occasionally. Just don't smoke it myself. And last of all, I'm not a thin woman. Men have different ideas of big so I have no problem sending pictures after I get yours. I had somebody tell me they thought I was shallow for asking for a pic first but it's only because again, most of my responses come from teenagers and older gentlemen. So there it is. I'm fun as hell, a rocker, love camping, getting my hands dirty and not a girly girl. I can be classy and dress up as needed but would rather be playing. Hope everybody has a great weekend and good luck in your search!!

Guys, I can help seeking an affair get the chick you want! 26yr (85220, AZ, Pinal County)
I have more girlfriends than I know what to do with, and no money to spend on them. Yet they don't care. But it wasn't always that way for me. I would have plenty of sleepless nights, then the wonder that is a woman was unveiled. If you don't mind spending a little $$ for a lot of advice, shoot me an e-mail. If you're looking here, I'm guessing you could at least use some advice. Give me a shot!

Looking For.... 29yr (Apache Junction, Arizona )
So...I ended up a meeting a few gentleman off list and they were far from what they claimed to be....but...I am going to try this one last time and see where it goes!! What I am looking for in a guy: *Honesty *Integrity *Caring *Affectionate *Great Sense of Humor *Fun to be around *Laid Back *Has his life in order *Fun/adventurous *Between the ages of 25-37 I am open to friendship and possibly a LTR with the right person...I am not on here for sex, so if that's what your looking for, I am not your woman!! I am 29 years old and live in Northern Palm Beach County...I have my life in order and am searching for a great guy to spend time with...I have pictures for exchange only....Please contact me if you'd like to chat :)

Smart, sexy, blond seeks to meet a new friend 50yr (Apache Junction, Arizona )
5'8''/170#, fair, blond, educated, self seeking an affair no children, happy and healthy seeks to meet strong, sweet, conccious, attractive gentleman.

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Girl meets boy- 44yr (85219, seeking an affair Junction, AZ)
Why is it so hard to meet someone? I mean a quality person. I know that the internet is not the best way to meet someone but is it any better than going to a bar? The quality I seek is a man who is not lazy - hard working and can be kind and loving. I am a woman who has a good job , I live in a nice four bedroom house , I have a nice loving large family and would like to meet someone who loves to be in a large family who enjoys fun times like barbeques, family times. The man would also not be a wimp - be a real man and be able to handle the hard times that life can give you. I have seen men who are just so incompetitent with their own lives and wonder how they survive. I am very confident , and self suffient . I can take care of myself and my family but would like to meet someone who can compliment my life and not be a burden to me. Is there any hard working men out there who want to meet a hard working woman? I like to work hard and play hard and reward myself when this is done. Let's meet for coffee and maybe we can become friends - you never know who or what can happen.