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Tall dark haired handsome christian man 28yr (35071, Gardendale, AL, Jefferson County)
Ok so I know this is a tall order as a christian man is hard to find let alone good looking one... I am open to races but you MUST be CHRISTIAN,FAITHFUL and CARING/ independent and financially stable . No divorced or children as I am. I am a sweet affectionate, intelligent, and caring woman who is independent and wants to share her life and memories with that special one. I am tired of the endless dating that goes no where.Please be height 5' 10'' or taller and weight proportionate. Dark hair and dark eyes is a weakness for me and add the tan skin I would be in love... I am also partial to men with well groomed goatees I dont know what it is but it drives me crazy. I have a heart of gold and am very compassionate, loyal, and respectful you please be as well. I would like to meet someone who is older and looking for LTR eventually if we click. CHemistry is a must, we can meet and go grab some tea or coffee then take it from there. If your interested in a romantic type of gal who loves to kiss and cuddle and knows how to treat her man right as he should know how to be considerate and treat me like the special woman that I am then drop me a line and a pic. As for me I am 5' 7'' tan skin of eastern decent gorgeous black hair and brown expressive eyes I have a curvy body and am height and weight porportionate not skinny and def not fat, Have been told many times that I have an exotic look to me... due to privacy reasons, I choose not to post my picture please feel free to respond with yours and I will return the favor ;p YOUR PIC GETS MINE !!! NO PIC NO RESPONSE... PLEASE PUT CHRISTIAN MAN IN SUBJECT LINE. If your not christian sorry your not for me! NO PIC NO RESPONSE!

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Are You Sincere? 49yr (35071, Gardendale, Alabama)
I'm a deep, intelligent, business-minded lady, who wants to slow down and enjoy life in it's real human purpose. What it is exactly, I don't know, but there's got to be more. I'm looking for someone who has the depth of character that I can appreciate. I've been wined and dined and talked real purdy to, but there's still got to be more. A trueness in spirit, a love of animals, and all of God's creation. Someone tender, patient, not stuck in his ways. I need someone with an open mind, who is not quick to judge. I'm a high maintenance woman, who can take care of myself, but, just to let you know, it's not a matter of want, but rather, a matter of need. I'm looking for that man that I've been in love with all my life, yet haven't found. I've been singing songs to you since I was a child. I will know you and you will know me. There is no other. If not in this life, then, perhaps the next. Your true love. A Rose Among Thorns I've tried to send pictures through List, but was previously unsuccessful. Y'all have proved me wrong. You don't have to be beautiful on the outside, but palatable, is nice! Please send me a Picture.

Country Girl!! 23yr (35071, AL, Jefferson County)
I'll be moving to Round Mountian at the end of July. I'll be 23 in 16 days . I'm divorced and moving on with my life. I love to be out doors, walking, horseback riding, bbqing, camping, I don't fish or hunt, but I'll go with you while you fish. I love to watch a good movie, cuddle, hang out with friends and family, listen to music. Your picture will get mine!!

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Seeking an Arranged Marriage 47yr (Gardendale, Alabama , Greater Birmingham)
No I am not crazy nor is this a scam. I am a 47 year old attractive woman. I have been married twice before, but have been single for 15 choice. In both my previous marriages I have know the person or lived with him for sometime before getting married. And neither time worked out. So I decided on a different approach. Years ago, and still today in some cultures; marriages were arranged by parents for their sons and daughters. The bride and groom could very well not even meet until their wedding day. Well seeing that I am a little old for my parents to do this I am. I know of marriages today that have started out this way and are better then most others. I am seeking a gentleman between 40 and 50+ that wants to get married! I am not looking to date for long periods of time. You must be somewhat good looking, have a sense of humor, considerate. There are other qualities as well, but the propuse of this is to get to know one another after we are married. You must be able to provide for me [good income and home]; however I am educated and am starting a new career and fully intend on working. Also you must like cats. The most important factor is that you must be willing to get married as soon as possible. About me: I am a US Citizen - I am not looking for a green card. I am white of Scottish decent, and am considered attractive. I am 5'3'' tall, I am a SBBW. Long brunette hair, and hazel green eyes. I do have 2 children, both grown and starting families of their own. As I said before I fully intend on working. I am educated, and have a degree. I am NOT looking for a DOM or to be a SUBMISSIVE to anyone. When responding, please provide the following. A Picture - Yours gets you mine! A breif description of yourself. Please tell me why I should consider you to marry. This offer may not last long...I could very well change my mind.

now it is my turn 26yr (Gardendale, 35071 , Jefferson County)
I am an extremely busy single woman. Between working, finishing up a Masters program and looking at PHD programs, I feel like my love life is in the rocks. I am looking for someone who i can travel with, enjoy a good movie, or night on the town. I like the beach or anything outdoors. I want to skydive and swim with the dolphins. I am about 5'8'' and average build. Average meaning I am not obese or thin seeking an affair skinny. I have meat on my bones and my BMI is still in the right ranges. I am looking for someone I can enjoy like with. Please do not be just looking for sex, be a drug user, or have an std or any drama. Please be a white male and have a job.

Point and Buy 35yr (Gardendale, 35071, AL , Greater Birmingham)
I'm looking for a wildly successful, intelligent, handsome driven guy preferably wildly successful in banking and finance that is looking to have a woman as an ancillary center piece in his life that enhances his life. Attached is fine, as I am-very discreet respectful-discretion is key. You should be at the top of your game career wise-that's what I am used to, very good looking, ivy educated preferred, tall athletic around my age and hot and charming--hedge funds, venture capital, private equity, I banking, trader. all fine. Just make enough to have spend set aside to have fun and be willing to spoil a woman right. What do I bring to the table? Very attractive, sexy, pretty very intelligent, educated, driven successful, in grad school. I work out constantly, take care of myself. Very elegant, sophisticated, direct. I'm not a time waster, and not an inconsiderate person. Missing some spoiling in my life. Consider myself a walking Zagat's want to explore the city with lunches, dinners, and shopping. The shopping is key--My dream item is a Cartier Tank Watch. Definitely am considered a gift in the right guy's life. Please put a work safe re: line when responding; All the best, and good luck in your search.

R You My Knight ? 31yr (35071, Gardendale, AL)
Im in my last year of in my masters studies right now i graduate in June on the 19th cant wait.i have alot of hobbies a 1 of them includes volunteer work I do at a therapeutic riding center, where disabled children and adults go to ride horses to gain confidence and muscle other main hobbies are hula dancing,modeling,and cooking i absolutely love to cook for my self and others.i really enjoy helping other people iam still working towards getting to seeking an affair i want to be in life.i am working towards joining the airforce right now after graduation. however my ultimate goal when i eventually retire from the airforce i would be to open my own therapeutic riding center.i love to listen to music i like a lil bit of every thing especially country music.iam a really chill person i love to have fun and most of all cuddle up to some one and watch a movie.

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TED anyone? Ever heard of Shakespeare? Got Humor? LTR only 43yr (Gardendale, Alabama , Greater Birmingham)
If you don't know what TED is please, do not reply. A middle aged woman had a heart attack and was taken to the hospital. While on the operating table, she had a near death experience. Seeing God, she asked, ' Is my time up?' God said, 'No, you have another 43 years, 2 months and 8 days to live.' Upon recovery, the woman decided to stay in the hospital and have a face-lift, brow lift, lip enhancement, boob job, lip-o-suction, and a tummy tuck. After her last operation, she was released from the hospital. While crossing the street on her way home, she was hit and killed by a car. Arriving in front of God, she demanded, 'I thought you said I had another 40+ years? Why didn't you pull me out of the path of the car?' God replied, 'Girlllllll, I didn't even recognize you!' Me: I am 43 years 2 month..., white, 5'6'', 160 lbs, brown eyes, brown/grey hair, glasses, professional, no children and do not plan to have any type of cosmetic surgery done. It's not that bad - yet.:-) I rarely wear make-up and never had any fake fingernails - and never will. I like Leonard Cohen, classical music,... and do not like Hip-hop, rap, R&B, techno. I am trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I do not have anger issues. My husband passed away. And, just so you know, we will not have seeking an affair on our first date. You: Please, have some knowledge about the world around you - be complex. I am NOT looking for a simple man. Please, have an educated brain and show some sophistication in your writing. I don't care about your stats, your hair and other superficial things. If your vocabulary consists of ''Hit me up'', ''What's up?'', ''This is cool'',... or you are looking for sex or are bored - don't bother to reply. You have a job, transportation, and a decent living situation. No ''Christians'', no right-wingers. If you love to go to Las Vegas, are into sports, drinking, smoke, or have any other type of addiction , need a lot of ''manly toys'' , are a show off, or have anger issues we will not be a match. Also, I will NOT answer your one-liners with your stats. Higher standards and some substance, please!