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are all the good ones taken ? 23yr (36613, Eight Mile, AL, Mobile County)
Don't judge me for posting this, especially since you are reading this lol. ok so what do i want? I want to find a good guy. Not a perv looking jus to get in my panties. I hold myself to a higher standard than that. A guy that appreciates little things that I do. I got so many quirky habits. I try hard to keep things looking up in my life. I'm usually very content and I don't complain much. Yeah and Im a BIG TIME sports fan, I love the Cubs, do you? I'm 23, mixed races black and puerto rican got a nice body. PAY ATTENTION: Im looking for someone NEAR my age range! Not somebody thats 55 and has 7 kids. I'm not looking for perfection just dont be a complete jerk. Really tho Im not conceited at all I play around a LOT and I'm real silly once i get comfortable wit u. Lets chat and see whats up? Also please don't lie in your email, I will see right through it and wont respond.

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Looking for FUN!!!! 24yr (36613, AL, Mobile County)
Hi!! I'm looking for someone to show me a good time. I just got out of a very long, stressful reltaionship, and have a lot of wild oats to sew ;-) I want to make up for some lost time . . . You want to meet up & show me some fun & attention? Let's see where the night takes us . . . I'm not looking for a booty call. I want to have fun, that could include sex but don't reply if that's all you want. ~xoxo~

looking for good man 51yr (36613, Eight Mile, Alabama)
it is very lonly to be without aman very g.l.w.hard working, looking to find my knight in shinning armor. photo 4 replay.

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Resume' seeking kind considerate type gentleman for LTR 55yr (Eight Mile, 36613 , Mobile County)
I am more than willing to share a photo but its not my nature to post it to everyone, only those that I feel would be a good match when they request via Email. Please let me know enough about your likes, dislikes, what you are trying to find, your general activities along with your photo and if it sounds like a possible match I promise to return the favor. OBJECTIVES: To find the love of my life to spend the rest of my life with who will be my best friend, partner, soul mate. Age 55 to 62. Someone who is easy going, with a great sense of humor, laid back but not lazy or a couch potato, who likes to work around the house yet take time to go to a movie, play, art gallery, take a trip to the coast, golf and of course have a glass of wine with you afterwards. Someone who is not a smoker, an occasional alcoholic beverage perhaps with friends at an outing is OK, who is social but more inclined to socialize with maybe another couple, rather than social events . Someone who is more classic casual most of the time but when the occasion calls for it can step it up. Someone who can laugh at himself and make me laugh at myself but yet also take life seriously as well. No STD's, arrests, drugs or alcohol issues Please. Prefer you are employed or semi-retired, divorced for some good length of time and truly desiring eventual re-marriage. Family is important. ATTRACTED TO: Tendency toward clean cut, conservative to medium length hair, nice smile is a great bonus. Never been into the bad boy image, biker look or long hair but you never know in the end what you will find attractive. MY QUALIFICATIONS The above descriptions of what I would like are much like myself. I take things slow, definitely want to be friends first and see if any feelings develop as we move on with each others company just enjoying activities with no physical expectations until it comes natural for both. It may end up only a friendship. I am easy going and like light activities, sense of humor, love trips to the coast, scenic places. I am definitely NOT into all the things you read about; hiking, biking, jogging, working out - you won't find me doing those things. but rather maybe taking a short walk, water aerobic class, art class or attending a small music venue once a month. I admit to even watching American Idol and all the other shows to zone out on like Dancing with the Stars. I like going to book stores, having my cup of coffee, waking up early and getting things done. More a morning person than an evening one - not much for late hours. I don't have a lot of money but am employed with a decent job and always have been -its been paycheck to paycheck however, and if I find someone I really enjoy spending time who prefers I had more time to spend with them I wouldn't mind working part time or if the monetary situation were OK, am fine with quitting as we never know how much time we have left to enjoy something other than our workplace. I love Oregon, most all parts of it, have family here and it would take a lot for me to move away. I am considerate, no drama, make up but not made up, easy going, relaxed personality. More on the quiet side with easy going conversation but fine with just quit as well. My style is casual, classic easy going and that is how I feel comfortable and enjoy most my days. STATS: Not skinny, not obese - somewhere in the middle with a little extra. Brown eyes, brown hair shoulder length and glasses. No STD's criminal records, alcohol or drug issues. Stage 1 cancer survivor 7 years free and hit ad not spread/was removed. Oh yes, I am an honest person as well! HOBBIES: Interior decorating, beading, floral design, learning any artistic activity, with the next one being ceramics. A little knowledge of most everything and a Master at none. RELIGION AND POLITICS: Occasionally I go to church, love the music and the message is usually interesting. Politics - don't care much about them at all. I'm somewhere in the middle of left and right but mostly toward the left. I don't like debating much but do have an opinion. If you really want someone to debate issues with and like that type of conversation then I am not the one. My conversations seem to be pretty simple in nature, not too philosophical. Prefer magazine articles to novels and book,s and especially How To books such as photography, art or sometimes a biography. No references available so please don't request - not much dating while raising my daughter but she is gone now and on her own, but will always be welcome back in my space if she needs some help - family is important to me. Please, if you don't like my post, don't waste your time with telling all the reasons why, it is just a waste of your time and mine. We all have our wish list, we may get half of what we ask for or none at all, but it is better to put it all out there and see what comes about, rather than go to several cups of coffee meetings to find out that the person was nowhere near what we thought they would be. Anyone serious about this, I would hope they would take the time to really be honest about who they are and what they are looking for. Thanks

Anyone up for some fun? 25yr (Eight Mile, 36613, AL , Gulf Coast)
Hi! Thought I would try something new and see where it takes me. Thought Id post an ad meet some people make a few friends and, who knows, maybe that special someone. Me: 25 Single, never married, and no kids. Im a 58, blue-eyed redhead who is intelligent, kind, caring, generous and adventurous. College-educated and work during the week . I have my own place and usually cook my own food. I love a good conversation and have many diverse interests. I enjoy working out and living a healthy lifestyle you should too. In my spare time, I can be found dabbling around with my piano or guitar, enjoying the great outdoors, reading, or chilling at some coffee shop. I enjoy all forms of art music, museums , and can be quite witty in humor. You: Ive never been one to judge a book by [his] cover but there a few qualities that pique my interest: integrity, honesty, kindness, some excitement, common ideas and enough difference to make me stretch as a person. I want enthusiasm for doing things together, intellect, attentiveness, passion, a shared sense of humor and basic values. I want a man who's not afraid to be seeking an affair Relationship: Long Term. Im not looking for a one-night stand or a friend with benefits fling. Im not looking for games or tricks. Im not looking for just sex. I want something deeper. A friendship, first and foremost relationships dont last if you just dive in and fool around. They need a solid foundation to be built upon. If youre interested, drop me a line. I didnt include any pics for privacy reasons. If youd like to see one, send one. Talk to you soon! And thanks for checking out my ad.

Boredom & nasty weather 31yr (36613, Eight Mile, AL)
At home bored off my bum and the cloudy cold isn't helping. What should I do?

Hot Soccer Dad? Perfect. A fun, sexy, active, sweet girl (Eight Mile, Alabama , Gulf Coast)
wants to meet you. I'm an attractive, active, fun, sweet, nice, well-educated and employed, genuine, straightforward, creative woman in her mid 30's who has great friends and awesome values. I'm looking to get to know somebody who is fun, interesting, awesome, active, sexy, seeking an affair smart, and who already has children . . . OK, so maybe being a smart, hot, athletic soccer dad wouldn't hurt : ) Summer is here and I can't wait to do the following: hit the beach, go hiking and biking maybe rafting, sailing, swimming, go to the cape and islands, tanglewood, summer concerts, swimming holes after dark, grilling, friends and icy wine, maybe take in some sox games or a horse race. If any of that sounds like fun to you - i would love to hear from you . . . Care to write back? It's June 1 . . .

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Fierey Red Head seeks Man of Mystery 40yr (Eight Mile, Alabama , Gulf Coast)
I need a date for May 30th. I want to go see a band at the Hard Rock, and I don't want to go alone. I am a well dressed, cute, professional that loves to go out and have fun. I am seeking a well dressed, college educated, BUSINESS TYPE of man that is white and a non-smoker. Please be under 6 foot 1. I have one son who is 8 years old and I've been single about 3 years. I just broke things off with my long term boyfriend and getting back out int he dating game...and it is a seeking an affair you are interested in going out and having a good time with no strings attached, shoot an email my way. My picture is attached, I am the second to the right.