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OMG!! 26yr (Decatur, 35603, AL )
Ok where are all the good guys at?!? Am I missing something... OK here gos I'm single 26 NO kids never married looking for a good guy to take me out to dinner movies whatever! lol I'm tired of being alone and looking for something more then a body call! If this is u hit me up! Ur Pic gets mine! ;)

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REAL TALK 30yr (Decatur, 35603 , Morgan County)
I would love to get your opinion and your views. ALL RACES APPLY. Tell me guys, when you ask a woman to be honest with you, Do you really want her to be honest or are you just testing her level of honesty. I am a 30 year old woman and I am starting to think that being honest is not a good thing. Some men can't handle it. I guess, I am looking for an imaginary mate. I want him to be my best friend, lover, and partner for life. He has to be able to be strong, confident, employed, honest, sexual, passionate, sensual, GOD FEARING and caring. I thought I found him but now he is not talking to me. I do not know why maybe I have been to honest. So gentlemen please answer this question for me. DO YOU REALL WANT A WOMAN TO BE HONEST WITH YOU? oR Are you just testing her to see if she will be? Sincerely, Want a real man

Don't Want to Be Just an Option 41yr (35601, Decatur, Alabama)
A friend recently told me that you should never make someone a priority in your life if you are just an option in theirs! I must say that I agree and hope that I could find someone that would want me to be a priority in their life. So to give you more info about me-- I am down-to-earth, very unique, full of positive energy and have a ridiculous sense of humor. I have a zest for life and new experiences. I love to laugh and have fun with whatever I am doing. I enjoy the outdoors and nothing better than a challenging adventure of any kind and always willing to try things at least once, maybe even twice! I am 5'3'' with an athletic, curvy build. I am told that I am attractive, but I think just pretty normal looking. Some of my other interest include yoga, skating, biking, my animals, traveling, watching good movies, reading a good book, people watching, exchanging smiles & mostly kind words, good conversation, spending time with my family and friends, learning something new, expanding my perspective on life, and making a difference. Life is an amazing journey and I do try to look forward to everyday with enthusiasm and staying open to all the possibilities. Looking for a like-minded/hearted guy to share life's adventure with... a companion for laughing, challenging one another and most importantly truly enjoying and living our lives! Suppose that person that when we are together we are better people and all the strengths we each have balances the other. I want someone that would like me just as I am and they would feel comfortable enough with me to allow me to see who they really are-- not just who they allow everyone else to see. If you are intrigued at all, then please respond. I am worth the effort and your life will be forever changed for having met me, I can guarantee that for sure! Please include a picture and I will send one in return.

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Visiting LA 33yr (35603, AL, Morgan County)
In just over a week, I will be flying into LA to stand-up in my friend's wedding. She is actually getting married in Pismo Beach but I decided to stay a couple extra days and enjoy a little time off and a little time away. I fly into LA on Thursday, June 10 . I will spend the day in LA and the drive to Pismo Beach late that evening . I will return to LA on Sunday evening and will be there through Tuesday. I want to relax and have fun while there so if anyone is up for getting together or has some tips for me that would be appreciated. I definitely want to get sushi while I am there and my friend tells me I must have a pancake for breakfast from Griddles, too. She also suggest getting a drink at the Thompson Hotel and maybe the W. I am up for anything. Dancing, drinks,music, comedy, etc. Let me know.

I do not have a perfect body but... (Decatur, Alabama )
I'm working hard to perfect the one I have and, you have a preference for someone who really understands what it means to love, to cherish, to honor, to respect, to admire, and to offer complete devotion to the one she loves. I know that attraction is important, I do not want to live without attraction and chemistry with my partner either. Just because I don't have a perfect body, does not mean you will not be attracted to me. I find that when people meet, they ask a lot of inane questions like ''what kind of movies do you like?'' or what kind of music do you like? This entire city seems obsessed with museums. I want to know things like, what your interests and passions are. Even more important than that to me is what kind of relationship you want. If you are the perfect man, in every seeking an affair but you do not want the same kind of relationship that I want to share, then You will only make me unhappy, and I will only frustrate you. If you are interested in baseball but want the kind of relationship that I want, then baseball can never get in the way because I will always be more important to you, and spending time with me, will always be your first choice, just as my first choice, will ALWAYS be spending my time with you. That doesn't mean you have to give up baseball, it just means that your priorities are the same as mine, we put each other first. A lot of men will write to me telling me I am dreaming, and that's fine. I will just keep dreaming then until I find what I need and want because I would rather dream alone, than settle for someone who will make me unhappy. At least if I'm dreaming... I can have hope. Once I've settled for someone who is not right for me, all hope is lost. Now... if you want that kind of relationship, where every decision we each make, is mostly made together, and there is nothing more important in my life or yours, than the strength of the love that we demonstrate to one another, if you want someone you can wake up with, and go to sleep with every night, who smiles when you get home just because you are there, who kisses you each night before you go to sleep and when you come home and before you leave for work because it would hurt not to, because she wants to, not because it is a mechanical expectation, if you want to give to her because she gives to you, if you want to listen because you are interested in what she thinks and feels, and because you know she always will listen, if you want these things and so much more, please write to me. I would prefer if you would do the following as well: tell me about your interests and passions. Tell me what in this ad, resonated with you and made you want to respond. Tell me what you are looking for in a woman, and in a relationship. Send me your picture because as terrible a reality as it is, attraction is still important. I wish that it weren't. I am not so evolved as to be able to ignore attraction, or lack thereof. I don't expect that level of enlightenment from you either. There is much more that I want… and that I can offer, but I could not put it all here. Please feel free to elaborate on anything I have said here... and... if you really want to get my attention... put the word Honesty in the subject of your email. This will tell me that you read this entire post.

IF YOU LIKE THICK CHICKS..YOU'LL LOVE ME 37yr (35601, Decatur, AL, Morgan County)
When think about how i planned my life to go, it it wasnt like this. But as the saying goes it is what it is and I cant look back. I'm thirty nine, currently getting a divorce, and I have a nine year old daughter. I'm a bbw but look good, I go to the Y jus about every day and I love the outdoors. I am educated, I have a degree in human resources and one in Accounting. I love dogs, art, and I love to travel. I like r & b music and piercings. Tell me a about urself, send a pic, maybe we can catch a movie someday. I promise I'm real u b too! PLEASE READ CAREFULLY:: I WILL NOT SLEEP WITH YOU! I WILL NOT SLEEP WITH YOU! and no you can not come to my house to ''hang out''. If sex is your intention then do not emailing me because ur feelings will get hurt.

Ebony Queen needs Ivory King 50yr (35603, Decatur, AL)
I am a seeking an affair 5'3, 125 lbs, disease/drug free, non-smoker, very respectful. I've posted a couple of ads on CL for a mate and for a provider. I did get a provider, but pregnant girl showed up which trumped me. So here we go again with complete honesty . I am a single parent/sole provider for my 8 yr old son whose going into the 3rd grade with honors. We live a fairly decent life in the se burbs. Totally willing to relocate for the right situation. I own my house and my vehicle and still can barely afford them. I am a very affectionate female looking for a long term relationship with a good provider. This damsel in distresses loyalty will be with whoever rescues us with love. I'm currently in sales . I need you to be a father figure, preferably having raised kids of your own. I need you to be a gentleman, honorable and sexy, perferably blue collar or at least good with your hands. I love a working man, but not a workaholic. We will both lose that way. I need you not to have any pregnant females lurking . I also need your heart to be open to a loving relationship as I am also open and love-starved. I need you to be able to come and see about me. All of this will ensure your proper placement on the throne as head of household. I don't ever go to bed mad as I love to cuddle under you; and hopefully if it wasn't too bad you will help me to forget about it. I need you to be over the age of 40. I want the maturity after the midlife crisis. I was into Real Estate and would like to get back into it doing rehab There will always be things I can do to make extra money, but I can no longer be the breadwinner in this economy. Anyone willing to move forward with us. Gentlemen only need respond. If this is not for you, then move on. If it is, then tell me what you want. We are in negotiation and compromise is inevitable. Thank you gentlemen in advance for your kind, thoughtful response. Joann

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I am ready to meet Mr. Right 40yr (Decatur, Alabama )
I am a professional educator that wants to find a nice man to date. I am not overly religious. I have a house, that I own. I am looking for someone who is a non smoker, well built, smart and funny. Please be over 40. Please have kids. Please have seeking an affair your teeth. Please no bad breath...that's awful. Please wear nice clothes. If you email me I will send you some pictures of me.